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  • Simple SQL Server Database Schema Printer (ASP.NET)

    I created this simple app recently to print out all the tables in an SQL Server database. It shows each table's name, description and information about all its columns. I mainly use it when I start on a new project that has an existing database that I need to fully understand.

    This is an ASP.NET app, but it's based on the code from Jim Rutherford's ASP SQL Server Schema Printer.

    It's just an ASP.NET page. First you need to add your database connection string and then you upload it to your webserver.

    You can download it from here:

    Simple SQL Server Database Schema Printer (ASP.NET)


  • Automating ASP.NET building with NAnt

    In my drive to sort out my development processes there are a few things I want to do. Top of my list is proper automated testing and creating automatic documentation.

    Doing these steps every time I compile my site (or application) will add a lot more steps, so I thought it would be better to learn how to automate the build process first.

    I'd heard that NAnt was the tool I should be using, but I found it a little bit overwhelming.

    NAnt is a program that follows a list of instructions in an XML file called a build file. These instructions are used to do a series of tasks like the following: … more

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