Launch of

For the last few months I’ve been working at Looking4 working on our new site As a business we’ve grown organically for several years with several different websites helping you find the best parking at airports like Leeds Airport, holiday transfers and probably more holiday related things to come in the future. has been our chance to bring these things together. As a developer it has been a great opportunity to build things from the ground up; rebuilding an existing site by taking the stuff that worked well, cleaning it up and transplanting it onto a solid testable new foundation.

The results have been really pleasing. Without really concentrating on speed the site is already considerably faster than it was, mainly due to cleaner more concise code and extra caching of view models. This is only the beginning and we’ve more things planned to make the site better and faster. We've also found since the rebuild that adding extra features is much quicker and easier than it was due to the cleaner code.