Things I’ve learnt about Wasps

We take knowledge that we have for granted. This year wasps decided to make a nest next to the side door of my house. I noticed, waited till it was dark, applied wasp killer powder round the entrance to their nest and by the end of the next day they were gone.

It was all sorted so quickly that I almost forgot about it, but I’m taking the time to appreciate how different this was from last year.

Last year wasps also decided to make a nest near to the side door of my house. This nest was in a slightly different spot as wasps do not make a nest where an old one already exists. I ignored the problem for a week hoping it would go away. It got worse and the side door of the house got more difficult to use as the wasp population increased.
I used an online council service to book a wasp exterminator. This involved prepaying, even though they were so busy they couldn’t see me for 2 weeks. While waiting I read lots of internet articles about wasps, including ones on how to kill them and on how to estimate how big the population is based on how many wasps leave the nest every minute. I thought I’d have a go at dealing with it myself and save myself the rather large fee they wanted.

I bought some wasp foam that you could fire at the nest from a distance. At night I covered the entrance with a full can of foam and by morning the foam had evaporated and no wasps had seen it. The next day I bought more foam and tried again while it was light and there were still wasps buzzing about. This killed a few wasps and made a lot of them very angry. Luckily the long range of the foam meant they didn’t find me. I persevered with the foam for a few days, but the number of wasps was still increasing.
After a tip from my dad I switched to wasp powder, which is meant for concealed wasp nests, but quite difficult to apply to ones on the side of walls and under some guttering. I applied the wasp powder round the nest entrance by throwing it at the wall after dark one evening. And then the next morning they were gone.

I cancelled the wasp exterminator and was quite annoyed that I only got a partial refund as they kept a call out fee, even though he’d not come around. However, I did feel a strong sense of achievement that I’d solved the problem myself.

And the added benefit that I did not appreciate at the time was that I had also learnt how to deal with wasp nests in my house. So, this year rather than taking 3 weeks to sort, and causing me stress and worry, the whole thing was sorted very quickly. I have wasp knowledge now, and that is something to be grateful for.