Interactive ghost house

Picture of a policeman meeting a ghost.

Today our interactive ghost house went on show, and the public loved it. This is the first art project that I've run and I'm so pleased with what we've done and how well it has gone.

I've volunteered with Pyramid of Arts for a while. They run art groups for people with and without learning disabilities. Running the group brings a lot more responsibility, but the ideas themselves come from the group. I was working with the Youth Group. The kids were fantastic and full of ideas. The difficult part was choosing the best ideas.

I started this project with the idea of creating a musical sculpture, but somehow that evolved into a funfair. The centre piece was a ghost house that used burglar alarms hooked up to a computer to play ghost sounds when someone walked in.

We showed our ghost house and funfair at Chapel Allerton Festival. We were tucked away in one of the few parts of the festival to be inside. Luckily for us, the torrential rain brought floods of visitors our way looking for shelter. They found it in the spooky haunted house.

I was really happy to see the public enjoying it. Many people went in more than once. The other good thing was seeing how chuffed the kids from my group were that they had made this.

It's been a fab, but exhausting experience. I need a bit of a break, but I'm sure I'll do another Pyramid project when I've recovered.

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