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    I grew a beard, because I didn't feel like myself. When I shaved it off I expected to feel like myself again. I didn't, but it was the start.

    My friend Pete committed the whole thing to film. I wanted to capture what I felt was a deep spiritual moment. Pete added the music, which reveals wonderfully that shaving off a beard, is in fact, quite silly.

    I published the video in the same month that You-Tube released it's first beta. However, I didn't know that at the time, so I published it on my own site.

    My video was featured on Boing Boing and about 50,000 people flooded to … more

  • The Pensions Credit Estimator

    I had a lot of fun doing this project at work. It was a challenging project, with a tight deadline. There were a few surprises on the way, and a lot of late nights, but we got it done on time.

    The project started when I was given an ASP.NET desktop application and told to help the original programmer turn it into an ASP web application.

    The program told the user if they'd be entitled to Pension Credit and how much they were likely to receive. Pension Credit was a new benefit and they wanted the web application to launch at the same time the benefit did.

    It wasn't till I met the … more

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  • The Faculty - in store posters

    The Faculty was an Internet cafe on Hyde Park corner. It didn't last long, but the few people who did go may have noticed my the information and offer posters that I created.

    I did several things for this cafe and had a great time doing it. If I was to do things again I'd have staggered my ideas and kept things more consistent. I had so many ideas and I wanted to use them all at once.

    These posters were created by playing around with the colour and contrast on a photo I took of the outside of the cafe at night.

    I wanted to create a calm, colourful modern look and I'm pretty pleased … more

  • The Faculty - bus stop posters

    This project didn't quite get finished because The Faculty Internet Cafe closed before they were finished.

    The idea behind my posters were that generally people at bus stops are quite bored. They've got time on their hands, can read quite a lot and might want to think about stuff.

    The posters suggested things you could do at a bus stop to pass the time. They also asked you to think of new things and submit them to the website. These were going to be put in later versions of the posters.

    I also wanted to make each poster unique to the bus stop it was on and include images of the bus … more

  • The Faculty - origami flyer

    I designed this flyer for an Internet Cafe that opened on Hyde Park corner. The cafe didn't even last long enough for my flyer to get handed out. So, it's a shame that not many people got to see it.

    When I was thinking about the project I thought about how many flyers you get, look at quickly and then throw away. I wanted to make people keep this one for longer. I decided the best way to do that, was to teach them to make something out of it.

    That's where the origami idea came from. This was to be the first of a series of them and had instructions on how to make an origami box.

    I think … more