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  • DDD North Agenda App

    The DDD North Agenda App using Xamarin.Forms. The same UI and backend code is shared accross all versions. The design is inspired by the Xamarin Evolve App. The app checks when it starts to see if it has the latest agenda, so it will always be ready for DDD.

    You can find the app here:

    Windows Phone DDD North Agenda App

    iOS DDD North Agenda App

    Android DDD Agenda App

    The source code for this app is available online on GitHub: Xamarin.Forms Agenda App Source Code. Suggestions, Forks and Pull Requests welcome.


  • Traction: If you build it they will come

    Kevin Costner’s film ‘Field of Dreams’ is responsible for more startup failures than any other Holywood film ever created. In this film Ray Kinsella, a farmer played by Kevin Costner has a vision (AKA great idea), digs up his crop of corn and builds a baseball field in the middle of nowhere on the promise that ‘if he builds it, he will come’. Low and behold after some tense moments a famous dead baseball player turns up and eventually car loads of people turn up to watch baseball. So, it turns out, that if you build it, they will come. What the film fails to show … more

  • Leeds Sharpers at DDD North 2014

    Voting is now open for DDD North 2014, which is excitingly going to be in Leeds. There are a lot of good talks to vote for, but my biased opionion is that the following Leeds Sharpers should all have their talks voted for.

    Micro Services: conquer monoliths, before they own you - Kiran Singh

    BDD, Why you should be doing it - Richard Tasker

    Using Xamarin Forms to make a cross platform Agenda App - Richard Garside (AKA me)

    So look through all the proposed talks and vote now. You can skip to one of the best talks by using one of the talk links above. more

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  • Carousel Page in Xamarin Forms XAML

    The CarouselPage page is similar to a tabbed page, but you swipe between pages and there are no navigation pages. Windows Phone users will be most used to this type of UI, so you may choose to only use it there, but it will work on all platforms. Here is the XAML:

    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>






    <CarouselPage. … more

  • Tabbed Page in Xamarin Forms XAML

    The TabbedPage page is a bit like a navigation page in that it is a collection of other pages. However instead of a navigation bar you are shown a collection of tabs. Each tab has a title and may have an icon. Create a new content page using File > Add new, and then change the XAML to this (making sure your x:Class and xmlns:local are correct for your project) and also change the base class in the code behind to TabbedPage:

    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>



    xmlns:x="" … more

  • Navigation Page in Xamarin Forms XAML

    A NavigationPage makes it very easy to create a browser like navigation stack of pages with a back button. It is a container for your pages so the XAML to for your ContentPage doesn't change, but when the app starts and you first create the page you put it inside a NavigationPage like this:

    public static Page GetMainPage()


    return new NavigationPage(MyPage());


    Now we have a navigation page, you'll need a new page to navigate too, so create a new page and then on your first page add a button like this:

    <Button Text="Press me" Clicked="OnClicked"/>

    You'll then need to add an … more

  • Content Page in Xamarin Forms XAML

    The simplest of the Xamarin Page controls is the ContentPage. There is a template for this in Xamarin Studio so you can use the Add > New File... option. Here is the XAML so you can see a ContentPage along with a placeholder BoxView control so there is some content to see.

    <!--?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?-->





    Title="A Content Page">

    <BoxView Color="Silver" />


    To show this … more

  • Simple Blender Editting Commands

    Dalek drawn in Blender

    Blender is as amazing as it is overwhelming. To be fully productive in this 3D modelling tool you need to know a lot of different keyboard shortcuts. Here are the keyboard shortcuts that I have found particularly helpful when viewing and editing an existing model in edit mode:


    A - Select all / none

    Pressing A will select all objects if nothing is selected, or will deselect everything if anything is selected.

    B - Box selection

    To select all elements in a sqaure region, press B. Then press the right mouse buttton, hold, drag and then release to select the region.

    Ctrl L - Select … more

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  • Finding the best Windows 8 Apps

    There is a media war raging between the various app stores about how many apps there are, but to turn this on its head, as Richard Cambell off of .NET Rocks said 'Over 100K apps in the Windows Store is a disaster'. No one needs that many apps and how are you supposed to find the ones you need. Also, a lot of them are rubbish.

    I often find myself asking what's the best x app for Windows 8 such as what's the best eBook reader for Windows 8, or what's the best RSS reader for Windows 8. It was to help answer these questions that I created the site Appy Ninja. It also seemed like a good excuse to … more

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  • Dizzy Dalek at NDC 2014

    The video of my talk on MonoGame and 3D (featuring a dizzy dalek) is now live on Vimeo:

    You can find the demo code here:

    Other NDC Game Development Related talks

    If you enjoyed this talk, you may also enjoy:

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