Finding the best Windows 8 Apps

There is a media war raging between the various app stores about how many apps there are, but to turn this on its head, as Richard Cambell off of .NET Rocks said 'Over 100K apps in the Windows Store is a disaster'. No one needs that many apps and how are you supposed to find the ones you need. Also, a lot of them are rubbish.

I often find myself asking what's the best x app for Windows 8 such as "what's the best eBook reader for Windows 8", or "what's the best RSS reader for Windows 8". It was to help answer these questions that I created the site Appy Ninja. It also seemed like a good excuse to register a .ninja domain, possibly the coolest, or silliest new TLD extension of all time.

Appy Ninja is going to grow into a curated collection of app lists for every need or desire possible. Each list is ordered by the reviews received by users and I will not include any apps that have not been reviewed yet. So check out Windows Appy Ninja (other app stores may follow) and let me know if you have any ideas for new lists.