A sneak preview of my latest Orchard module

I'm working on a new Orchard module at the moment for the Orchard Module Contest. It's been my evening project for the last week and I've had a really good day working on it today. I've figured out most of the difficult stuff so it's looking like I will (fingers crossed) finish in time for the deadline on 15 March. There are still a lot of things to add and tidy up though.

A Bing Map List

The module lets you create content items for places and then add them to a Bing map. Even if it doesn't win, it's something that should help with several project ideas I have. It would be nice to win though.

When it's finished it will be published in the Orchard Gallery and the source code will be available on Codeplex.

Nicholas Mayne said

Looks good richard!... I like the integration between Orchard and Bing. Will the code be abstracted enough to plug in to google maps?

Good luck with the competition :)

Richard Garside said

Thanks guys!

@Nicholas so far all the Bing Code is in the views, so you should be able to switch that out quite easily.