They Landed in Las Vegas

Website screenshot

I'm very pleased to announce that I’ve just launched the 'They Landed in Vegas' website. It’s my entry for the Orchard Module Challenge.

The task for round one was to create a module for Microsoft's new Orchard CMS and if you got through round one then in round two you had to create a website to show that module off.

I love maps and I like the idea of creating tools that help people share their local knowledge using maps. So I created the Bing Map List module. The module lets you create lists of places, which you can then click on to get more information. The admin interface is really simple to use and lets you navigate the map and then double click to add places.

A worthy use of the module would be to create a guide to interesting things in your town. However, for the second stage I decided to create a humorous website guide to aliens in Las Vegas.

This has been an evening and weekend project for the last six weeks and I am now looking forward to having at least a few evenings away from my computer. I've loved making this module with Orchard though and making a silly site was also lots of fun. I've got lots of ideas for Bing Map List Version 2 as well, plus ideas for other map related tools.


Well considering MIX2011 is being held in Las Vegas, and they have a Orchard session, then this website is quite timely.

Who will be the first to spot an Orchard loving alien geek arriving for MIX?

Richard Garside said

@JonnyBoats those MIX2011 alien spotters are exactly the people whose help we need.