Sketching logos

I've been thinking about the logo for my new site. Here are a few of my ideas:

logo ideas for  Nogginbox

What do you think?

David J said

I think you need some way to distinguish between them so I can say I really like x but y makes me want to cry.

David J said

P.S. 2nd row 2nd in gets my vote.

Richard Garside said

@David I like that one too, but I'd like to make the box more interesting. I hope I didn't make you cry, and I will label things better in the future.

Paul said

Question(s) if I may. Why noggin box? What is a noggin? What is a box? Going on what you have in your sketches, I'd like to see a box with the 'N' and 'B' embossed .... Or ... 'Noggin Box' and substitute the 'o's' for boxes???

Richard Garside said

@Paul Nogginbox is going to be my new personal site. I created my old one richardsprojects before I went freelance and the name doesn't seem to fit any more. A noggin box is either my computer, or my head, or both.