• The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy Word Search

    Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy Word Search

    The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy is perhaps the most remarkable, certainly the most successful book ever to come out of the great publishing corporations of Ursa Minor. It is an indispensable companion to any weary traveller roaming the celestial highways. While providing a huge amount of vital galactic information, it is well known to have a hugely popular word search section to help pass the hours while waiting for the next passing spaceship.Till now this section has never been published or even seen on the mostly harmless planet Earth. So, I was very excited to find a battered and …

  • Creating the Tower Blocks splash screen

    Tower Blocks Splash Screen designs

    Andy Sykes AKA Hexjibber is an excellent illustrator, cartoonist and a good friend of mine. He's designed the splash screen and tiles for Tower Blocks, the latest game I've produced. I love the final work so much it's actually my favourite part of the game.

    I also love the process we went through together getting to the final piece and it's good to see the evolution of the idea. I wanted to give Andy a lot of freedom and I didn't have a strong idea of what I wanted. I gave him some examples of splash screens I liked had a bit of a chat and then sent him on his way. A few days later I opened …

  • Record breaking fonts on vinyl

    Font Sunday is a weekly twitter phenomena where the typographically obsessed share examples of fonts around them. The theme this week was 'Fonts on Vinyl' and this turned out to be a theme that got people excited and it was the most contributed to week we've ever had.

    The Design Museum started Font Sunday and set the theme each week. I help out by collating the contributions on a Pinterest board.

  • Nogginbox reimagined

    Screenshot of new Nogginbox design

    Today I’m very excited to announce my redesigned website. Ever since becoming a freelance web developer my website has been a work in progress; something that I would finish off when I was less busy. I’m sure my old site must have put some clients off and it definitely didn’t reflect me in the way I wanted.

    Well, I’m still busy, but I decided that 2011 would be the year I made my website something I was really proud of. It’s been my evening and weekend project for a little while now, and all the effort has finally paid off.

    On previous redesign attempts I’ve got stuck at the idea stage. I …

  • Sketching logos

    I've been thinking about the logo for my new site. Here are a few of my ideas:

    What do you think?

  • Draw doodles on Flickr photo

    This is my latest creation using Flash and ActionScript 3. You can draw a lovely doodle on one of your Flickr photos and then save it and send it to your friends.

    It started as a simple doodle program, but I thought adding Flickr photos would make it more fun. It uses the Flickr API to load the photos and a web service I've written in ASP.NET to save and load the doodles.

    I've been sending people Christmas doodles this year as Christmas eCards.

    So, why not go and doodle on your photos and send them to your friends.

  • G-Fest 2005 T-Shirt

    G-Fest was a small garden party with a difference. I enlisted the skills of my various tallented friends to play live music and put on visuals.

    They did all the difficult stuff leaving me with the more enjoyable task of designing the brand for my mini festival and creating this T-Shirt.

    About 30 people are lucky enough to own one. I'm very proud of it, and it is by far my favourite T-Shirt. It's even better when I see my friends wearing theirs. It's a great feeling seeing your stuff out there.

  • The Faculty - in store posters

    The Faculty was an Internet cafe on Hyde Park corner. It didn't last long, but the few people who did go may have noticed my the information and offer posters that I created.

    I did several things for this cafe and had a great time doing it. If I was to do things again I'd have staggered my ideas and kept things more consistent. I had so many ideas and I wanted to use them all at once.

    These posters were created by playing around with the colour and contrast on a photo I took of the outside of the cafe at night.

    I wanted to create a calm, colourful modern look and I'm pretty pleased with …

  • The Faculty - bus stop posters

    This project didn't quite get finished because The Faculty Internet Cafe closed before they were finished.

    The idea behind my posters were that generally people at bus stops are quite bored. They've got time on their hands, can read quite a lot and might want to think about stuff.

    The posters suggested things you could do at a bus stop to pass the time. They also asked you to think of new things and submit them to the website. These were going to be put in later versions of the posters.

    I also wanted to make each poster unique to the bus stop it was on and include images of the bus stop. …

  • The Faculty - origami flyer

    I designed this flyer for an Internet Cafe that opened on Hyde Park corner. The cafe didn't even last long enough for my flyer to get handed out. So, it's a shame that not many people got to see it.

    When I was thinking about the project I thought about how many flyers you get, look at quickly and then throw away. I wanted to make people keep this one for longer. I decided the best way to do that, was to teach them to make something out of it.

    That's where the origami idea came from. This was to be the first of a series of them and had instructions on how to make an origami box.

    I think I …