• Riese & Müller Roadster Vario Review

    Riese and Müller Roadster Vario

    I spent ages reading specs and reviews of e-bikes and watching videos when I was looking to buy my first e-bike. I found several favourable reviews of Riese and Müller’s Roadster Vario and decided it was the bike I wanted. The reviews were by all by people who owned bike shops though and I really wanted a review my someone who was using the bike day in and day out. Now I’ve been cycling my Roadster to and from work and all over the place for the past month I thought I could write the review that I had been looking for before. As this is the only e-bike I’ve ridden for longer than a test ride, …

  • Newcastle to London bike challenge

    My friend Dave and some of his colleagues from TH_NK are doing a very impressive bike challenge. They're cycling from Newcastle to London in aid of Breast Cancer Campaign. They're going to do this over 5 days.

    Inspired by this I've decided to do the same, well sort of. I'm going to cycle the same distance, but over 30 days and I'm going to cycle where ever I feel like. I'm just doing this for fun, but if you feel like sponsoring anyone, please sponsor Dave and his gang.

    This is also partly to make full use of my new Garmin Edge 705 cycle GPS. I got it on Friday and have cycled loads …