• Who put my picture online?

    Photo of me with no head.

    I've always been careful not to give too much away online. It's not like I have dark secrets, but I do want to control the information that exists about me on the Internet. I want to protect myself against those cyber-stalkers I've been hearing so much about. This used to be simple and easy, but the Internet is changing and people are sharing more. I might be paranoid, but what if people are talking about me?

    My friends know lots of information about me. Do I have any rights to protect this information? When a company holds information about me, there is normally a formal agreement to protect …

  • Your guide to Leeds Film Festival 2006

    Photo of the printed Leeds Film Festival Guide 2006

    The guide to Leeds Film Festival is huge. You better get it way before the festival begins or you don't stand a chance. Luckily I did and I've been reading it on the bus. Here are my first impressions and recommendations so far.

    To amuse or confuse the films are split into six categories with fun sounding names. Some of the names are more meaningful than others. Here is my run down of the categories and my chosen few films based on my first impressions.

    Official Selection

    This section aims to highlight some of the best new films of the year. They've been selected by the festival organisers …

  • Behind the scenes at Leeds Film Festival

    Photo of my Leeds Film Festival t-shirt

    Leeds International Film Festival is the biggest cultural events in England outside of the capital. For two weeks every year, Leeds is overtaken by a frenzy of film and cinema. Hundreds of films are shown that you might not otherwise see. By the end, you feel like you've experienced the best that cinema has to offer and maybe you've even learnt something. At least, that's what I've heard.

    I've never been. I've lived in Leeds for the past eight years. Every year I get really excited about the approaching film festival. I get the brochure, and try to pick which of the hundreds of films deserve …

  • Do pyramid schemes always collapse?

    A house of cards on my desk

    Virtually everyday I get an email that promises to make me rich. Sometimes I read it to amuse myself, but it always goes in the bin. These emails normally come from a stranger. Today I got one from a friend. I was surprised; doesn't everyone know these things are always rubbish?

    The email I received had the subject 'seems viable??' and after my friends greeting spoke of the wealth I would receive if I would give the scheme a go. It claimed to be a Multi Level Marketing scheme, but was really just a Pyramid Scheme.

    This email had five names on it. The one at the bottom was my friend's. All I …