• Putting iAds in a MonoGame game

    Here is the code you need to add to Main.cs in you game to get iAds working. You don't need to add any unique IDs. The iAd SDK is able to work out what you app is by magic. Everything will work fine as long as your app is registered for iAds in iTunes Connect.

    I call the method SetupAdvert at the end of FinishedLaunching in Main.cs:

    private object _adBannerView;

    private bool _advertPausedGame;

    private void SetupAdvert()


    int width, height;

    var view = (game.Services.GetService(typeof(UIViewController)) as UIViewController).View;

    if (view.Bounds.Width <= 320)

    { …

  • Quitting Google AdSense

    I discovered Google AdSense in 2005 and thought I’d try it out. I didn’t think it would I make a fortune (straight away), but I thought it might pay for at least some of my hosting fees.

    Google will only send you your money once you earn over £60. I didn’t think this would be a problem. It took 6 years. I just got my first cheque from Google. It’s for sixty pounds and sixty six pence. I’ve decided that it’s not really worth it for a site with my level of traffic and I've now removed all the Google Ads from my site.

    I’m not sure who really does well out of Google AdSense, apart from Google. I …