• Quitting Google AdSense

    I discovered Google AdSense in 2005 and thought I’d try it out. I didn’t think it would I make a fortune (straight away), but I thought it might pay for at least some of my hosting fees.

    Google will only send you your money once you earn over £60. I didn’t think this would be a problem. It took 6 years. I just got my first cheque from Google. It’s for sixty pounds and sixty six pence. I’ve decided that it’s not really worth it for a site with my level of traffic and I've now removed all the Google Ads from my site.

    I’m not sure who really does well out of Google AdSense, apart from Google. I …

  • Apple are b@st&#ds and Adobe are $k€w%d

    The iPhone and iPad were criticized for not allowing you to show Flash content. Adobe hit back by developing an export to iPhone feature that promised to turn Flash apps into iPhone apps. This was due to be released soon in Flash Creative Suite 5. I was really looking forward to it. As a developer I’ve found the learning curve for iPhone development very steep; the provided tools are lacking and not as good as many other development tools. Programming for the iPhone feels a bit like stepping back ten years in time. It's a much more pleasant experience using Microsoft's developer tools. I don' …

  • Lots of little Facebooks

    The web is a world of unlimited choice and unlimited possibilities. So why does everyone choose to use Facebook? Why is the web dominated by a few big companies?

    I watched the first part of the BBC documentary The Virtual Revolution yesterday on iPlayer. They made the point that:

    When there are no rules, there is nothing to stop those with huge resources dominating everyone else.

    Google is obviously the biggest at this point in time, but Facebook is also massive. I don’t really mind Google. They’re big because they’re good and more importantly if I want to use another search engine I can …