• Draw doodles on Flickr photo

    This is my latest creation using Flash and ActionScript 3. You can draw a lovely doodle on one of your Flickr photos and then save it and send it to your friends.

    It started as a simple doodle program, but I thought adding Flickr photos would make it more fun. It uses the Flickr API to load the photos and a web service I've written in ASP.NET to save and load the doodles.

    I've been sending people Christmas doodles this year as Christmas eCards.

    So, why not go and doodle on your photos and send them to your friends.

  • Be in the Simpsons

    This is my favourite recent discovery. A fantastic site for the new Simpsons Movie. The site is so good that I may go and see the film again.

    The site is full of brilliant ideas and lots of cool games to play.

    The part that has captured my imagination most is the create your own Simpsons character bit. Once you've made one, there are lots of ways to share it with your friends. What a brilliant piece of personalised viral marketing.

    Here is my attempt, although I couldn't quite get the hair right.