• Kirkstall Festival 2007

    Picture of Pyramid of Arts proudly marching through the streets

    Kirkstall Festival was fantastic this year, and we had good weather for possibly the first time this summer. I'd helped Pyramid of Arts' Youth Group make an armada of sea creatures for the parade. We joined various other groups and schools from Leeds marching through the streets of Kirkstall. Everyone’s work was fantastic, and we were particularly pleased to be given the best group prize for our underwater parade creatures.

    I'd gladly volunteered to play a giant drum in the parade. I like making a lot of noise, but I didn't realise how much pain a drum can cause repeatedly hitting your legs. …

  • Our sculpture on Google Earth

    I've made a 3D model of Pyramid of Arts' sculpture at Thwaite Mill. Pyramid of Arts is an arts charity bringing together artists with and without learning disabilities to work on large scale arts projects.

    I wanted to have an experiment with creating 3D models in Sketch-up and see if I could get it added to Google Earth. Google Earth is a program by Google that displays pictures of the whole world and 3D models of some of it.

    Pyramid made this sculpture about 3 years ago and had just finished it when I joined. It's Pyramid's first permanent work, so it would be really nice if it could be …

  • Making a noise at Thwaite Mill

    I've just recently started leading another art project. This time I'm working with the adult group from Pyramid of Arts. The BBC have very kindly leant us some sound recording equipment. We've used this to record some sounds and we're going to splice them together into something musical.

    We spent the first few weeks of the project exploring sound. Making it, listening to it, drawing it and recording it. We've just got back from a sound recording trip to Thwaite Mill. We recorded a huge array of sounds made by the mill and pretty much anything else we could find that made sounds.

    So, now we' …

  • The roller coaster

    todo: Insert video

    This was another part of our fair ground exhibition. The kids from Pyramid helped me make a fantastic stop frame animation of us all on a roller coaster.

    We started off by making a roller coaster car and photographing ourselves in it. We then took those photos and made cut-outs from them. The group had painted a wonderfully chaotic looking roller coaster ride and we places the cut-outs on this.

    It took about a hundred photos to do this animation. I had a little team of people in a corner doing this in shifts while the rest of the group got stuck into the rest of the project. …

  • Interactive ghost house

    Picture of a policeman meeting a ghost

    Today our interactive ghost house went on show, and the public loved it. This is the first art project that I've run and I'm so pleased with what we've done and how well it has gone.

    I've volunteered with Pyramid of Arts for a while. They run art groups for people with and without learning disabilities. Running the group brings a lot more responsibility, but the ideas themselves come from the group. I was working with the Youth Group. The kids were fantastic and full of ideas. The difficult part was choosing the best ideas.

    I started this project with the idea of creating a musical sculpture, …