• Fun colouring in

    I've bought a lovely colouring book from my friend Andy.


    To show how much fun I had doing one of the colourings I made this simple stop frame animation of my work. If you'd like to have this much fun, why not buy the Hexjibber Colouring and Activity Book.

  • Origami video instructions

    When I first went freelance I created some origami business cards that included instructions on how to make the card into an origami crane. They were very well received, but people struggled to follow the instructions and very few were successfully turned into the form that had been intended.

    So, to help people I've created some video instructions. This takes you step by step through the process and lets you return to any step that you might have missed the first time through.

    You can find the video instructions here:

    Origami crane - video instructions

  • The roller coaster

    todo: Insert video

    This was another part of our fair ground exhibition. The kids from Pyramid helped me make a fantastic stop frame animation of us all on a roller coaster.

    We started off by making a roller coaster car and photographing ourselves in it. We then took those photos and made cut-outs from them. The group had painted a wonderfully chaotic looking roller coaster ride and we places the cut-outs on this.

    It took about a hundred photos to do this animation. I had a little team of people in a corner doing this in shifts while the rest of the group got stuck into the rest of the project. …

  • Richard's beard

    I grew a beard, because I didn't feel like myself. When I shaved it off I expected to feel like myself again. I didn't, but it was the start.

    My friend Pete committed the whole thing to film. I wanted to capture what I felt was a deep spiritual moment. Pete added the music, which reveals wonderfully that shaving off a beard, is in fact, quite silly.

    I published the video in the same month that You-Tube released it's first beta. However, I didn't know that at the time, so I published it on my own site.

    My video was featured on Boing Boing and about 50,000 people flooded to my site in …