• Stickers are the new business cards

    Nogginbox stickers

    When I first went freelance and needed to meet people, I found that business cards were a staple of the networking world. I knew that I needed some, but as a new face on the networking scene I wanted mine to stand out. I came up with the idea of origami business cards. These have served me well over the last four years and definitely made me stand out, although they didn't always fit in people's wallets.

    I fancied a change and also wanted a business card that would fit with the new design of my blog. One problem I've discovered with traditional business cards is that there's nothing obvious …

  • Jam Jar Business Cards

    Firstly I'd like to introduce The Jam Jar Collective. I started working with Dave Lynch and Stuart Childs on FriiSpray and it sparked so many new ideas that we decided we wanted to do more stuff together. When you create things together you need a collective name, so we became the Jam Jar Collective.

    When you've got a name, it turns out you also need business cards, so that people won't forget your name after you've met them. I get really excited about playing with the idea of business cards to make them a bit different and more memorable. I came up with the idea of using real jars of jam. …

  • Origami video instructions

    When I first went freelance I created some origami business cards that included instructions on how to make the card into an origami crane. They were very well received, but people struggled to follow the instructions and very few were successfully turned into the form that had been intended.

    So, to help people I've created some video instructions. This takes you step by step through the process and lets you return to any step that you might have missed the first time through.

    You can find the video instructions here:

    Origami crane - video instructions

  • Origami business

    When I went to the first GeekUp event in Leeds I became very jealous of everyone's lovely business cards. I decided it was time to sort that out and make my own. I wanted mine to be a little bit different and hopefully be something that people would remember.

    I've loved origami since my trip to Japan in 2002 and thought this would be an excellent thing to use. I'd also tested the idea in a previous project and it had been very successful.

    Now the design is done, they're quite easy to mass produce. The hardest part of the design was drawing the diagrams and making the instructions clear. It's …